Research Finale: Medical graduates are available to help you with research projects.  Post to advertise your research opportunity.
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For Physicians, Researchers & Institutions:

We created in hopes that someone within your department may be too busy to finish a research project, and could use help with crunching data or writing a paper. If so, please email us or post on our website. There is no cost to post research opportunities.

As of June 15, 2019, 1076 medical students & graduates have indicated within the last 3 months that they would be glad to help you finish your project.

Please post, and indicate which options you would be willing to consider:
  • Volunteer
  • Independent Contractor (usually you can use your Staff Account to hire help).
  • Employee
  • Remote or On-Site

For Candidates:

To get alerts of research & other opportunities, register here and indicate "Research" in your search filter.

Thank You,
Michael Kulon, MD